13 czerwca 2009

If you watch me from the distance than you can see the person who takes life aggressive, person who wants to catch all of benefits the life brings. You can also see the girl who knows what she wants and do whatever she wants. Am I right? In fact there is nothing further from the truth. My aggression, power and fast life come from two reasons.
Sooo... some time ago I had maniacally thoughts about death. Than after few months, real death occurred like ironical prove of my frighten. Somehow it really touched me even we had a quite rare contact. I cannot stop thinking about it. It goes back to me regularly and pushes me to do many strange things. I hope they are not dangerous.

It is not because i am afraid of death. I just realize that it is close, everyday...stupid? Maybe...

I am still listening a lot of piano music.

This photo I took on the last dubstep party in Kraków in a place named Krzysztofory.

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