16 stycznia 2010

Photography is not a science

"Nor can any of this work be considered experimental. Art is not a science."

This sentence is from the small book about Man Ray which I have read recently. His photography is well known even we don't know who is he. I think the most famous photo, which I have known since always is "Le violon d'Ingres". His pictures and thoughts about Art and Photography inspired me to think again about this common truth. I am not a scientist, to be honest I am really bad in it.

Since photography is digital more and more people use it in a new way. It is not way to express and show up the feelings but cold presentation how great they understand the light and other technical features. Of course I admire their clarity and knowledge but I don't feel anything more. These pictures are empty and sadly they are also dead. If you can not touch others by your art is it still an art?

I also take dead photos... Really often I keep photo souvenirs form place I've been. But still photography is my biggest way to better know myself, to feel the life and happiness, to enjoy the sadness while I am screaming.

Today I was on the Cimetière Montmartre
It was raining quite heavily and I was totally wet and cold.
Raindrops was like liquid ice.
Photos look like from old camera, but in fact
the effect was caused of my old
moody lenses, rain and big ISO.

The others with grass and sea are retouched after many, many months. I took them in Sweden but discovered them now.